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  1. Carolina Vagabond

    For Sale Here’s one in NC for sale...

    $4800 (No, it’s not mine😁)
  2. Carolina Vagabond

    Roxanne took me out on a date

    What a beautiful day in the Uwharrie region in NC! After helping out some friends this morning I was gonna take my 125 (Eileen) for a spin but Roxanne looked a little jealous. She sallied on faithfully.
  3. Carolina Vagabond

    I wonder why....

    Why did Honda make the cargo rack backwards as compared to all other CT’s? The raised portion should be at the back instead of under your tailbone. Can’t really turn it around and keep it secure because you would lose 2 mounting points at the top of the rear shocks. I’m gonna ponder...
  4. Carolina Vagabond

    Plastic engine sidecover replacement’s?

    For some reason, that plastic cover bothers the crap outta me. Does anyone know of a descent metal replacement?
  5. Carolina Vagabond

    Look what I found .....

    And after nearly a week of negotiations, I bought them early this morning. The back one is a ‘79 trail 90 with less than 800 miles and the other is an ‘81 trail 110 with less than 1200 miles. Engines are free and everything seems to be there except a missing mirror on the 90. Got me a winter...
  6. Carolina Vagabond

    Hello from the Uwharrie’s in central NC

    I’ve been lurking for months and finally signed on. No 125 yet, still waiting. Had an ‘80 110 back in the early 80’s and rode that baby everywhere as a 13 year old, including major highways😁. Nobody cared back then and I never once got pulled . No license, no helmet, let’s ride!! Sadly, times...