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  1. CTReiko

    Hi from St. Louis

    It's an obsession for sure. :geek:
  2. CTReiko

    21 Monkey "143 Money Pit"

    I mainly want the torque from the 2V. I'm pretty light so the 2V will be more than enough of a top speed for me.
  3. CTReiko

    21 Monkey "143 Money Pit"

    Here's my Honda Monkey I named Money Pit. It's been a labor of love, and none of my other bikes get the attention it gets from me. It was mostly built by my friend and I in his basement. We run a small riding group called STLSmallBore in the St. Louis Area. Body Euro Tail light and Turn...
  4. CTReiko

    After several months and shipping it over 1000 mi...

    No "Break-in" oil in the CT. Just regular ol GN4. Most likely topped up with bulk GN4 as well if the PDI was done correctly before it was taken home.
  5. CTReiko

    Who's got FOG/AUX lights? Here's mine

    I'm using the Takegawa ones on mine. Headlight only. AUX on.
  6. CTReiko

    Luggage Rack Bar Behind Seat... Ouch!

    My solution was this backrest from Webike. Pretty comfy.
  7. CTReiko

    Why did you buy a Trail 125?

    I got it from Webike. Pretty comfy. Have to remove the back rest and loosen the top shock mounts to install it. I highly recommend the higher position
  8. CTReiko

    Hi from St. Louis

    Hi everyone. I live in STL, and like all of us, I have a Trail. It's my main bike as I don't drive at all. I ride 24/7 365 and it's been a loyal commuter in all weather and great for longer rides the way it's set up. I have quite a few of the Honda 125s. I have my Monkey, Cub, Grom, and now...
  9. CTReiko

    Why did you buy a Trail 125?

    I'm obsessed with the 125 Honda motor. I have a Monkey, Grom, Cub, so I figured I needed a CT as well. My monkey I'm really deep into parts wise, so I don't daily it. I work at a bike shop and ride daily all year. I mostly use the CT to commute and for small trips. It's great in bad weather imo.
  10. CTReiko

    What did you name your bike?

    Named mine Reiko after the anime. Might also be why my wife named her Cub Koguma. 😅