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  1. Jensen

    OEM Heated Grips on 2023...snafu

    Yeah. I got raynaud's. I am mid-hassle. Gloves would be sweet. It's all good. It is a solid first world problem. It is part of the hobby when you're an idiot, lol. I am stoked to have been able to remove the grips & throttle tube without damaging them.
  2. Jensen

    OEM Heated Grips on 2023...snafu

    Relay ->Batt sounds like the way. Thanks everyone! I hope they are the warmest Mediocre's on handlebars here soon!!
  3. Jensen

    OEM Heated Grips on 2023...snafu

    VG, Exactly! Thanks for reaching out. I appreciate it!
  4. Jensen

    OEM Heated Grips on 2023...snafu

    Welp... Help! Seeing if anyone has a solution to the lack of the accessory plug. Pretty bummed as I got all of it sorted. I am hoping to find a sub harness to replace the one it included. I don't know jack about wiring. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would rather not run this off the...
  5. Jensen

    Oil filter

    Just did my first oil change. Slightly nerve racking for no apparent reason. So, to clarify, everyone is checking levels on stand with the front tire on the ground? I just clocked over 100 miles. 850ml added with new filter as well.
  6. Jensen

    Center Rack Bag Recommendations

    Yeah Man. I just ordered the OEM. I’d be interested as well. I might sew something up.
  7. Jensen

    Show me your Tail (bags)

    Just a thought but the OEM seat ‘s rubber isolators might do the trick. Then you’d have some spares out back! lol