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    Who's got one on order? And more importantly, what news have you heard?

    Looks well loved. Dig the chrome. How many miles and what year?
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    Gear Change Pedal Recall on some units (slowly rolling out to different countries?)

    Looks like I have one of the bad shifters on my mine #2111 in the US. I have not received anything as of yet, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. The contact area is pretty small and I can see how it could snap off on someone who slams thru the gears. Also I noticed the shift shaft brace on...
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    Tool kit love.

    With the lacking off general roadside tools on this thing what are you guys carrying in the event that it ever leaves you stranded? In what and where on the scoot are you carrying it? *Patch kit *Tire spoons *12v pump *Spare 17” tube *adjustable wrench *phillips/flat screwdriver *8/10 & 12/14...
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    Front end clunking?

    Does anybody get or know the origin of the front end clunking sound that happens when the front forks are unloaded? I thought it might of been comming from the steering/head tube but i cranked on it and got no play at all. Usually happens when going off a curb or cruising on washboard roads...
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    Anyone have a bit of popping and backfiring before it warms up?

    I get a single pop in the muffler when it first starts cold everytine and thats it. Same as all my other hondas and just attributed it to the choke. This is my first fuel injected bike though.
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    New tires

    Just spooned on a set of these after running the stock for about 160 miles of 50/50. They are much quieter than i was expecting on the road. They are not as nimble as the stockers on the street & hardpack and pick up more gravel are my only gripes. Might try some beadliner on the inside of front...
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    Who's got one on order? And more importantly, what news have you heard?

    Looked for months around TAG and couldn’t find any Honda dealer who had one or knew when they would be getting another one. The only other dealer i found who knew they had another comming in wanted 1,700 over msrp. Stopped in early June into a small honda/suzuki shop in Alabama I had bought a...
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    Members by Serial Number

    #2111 delivered on 8-14-21 to Opelika, Al dealer. Put deposit down on 6/5 for scheduled Oct. delivery and it showed up 2 months early. Salesman said that ship came to port in Shrevport, La instead of Jacksonville, Fl where they usually dock.
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    How do you plan to use your CT?

    Forest fire road crusin and fishing. It will be carried on the hitch mount of the camper van. Good for day trips from the camp sites and backup vehicle in case of breakdown.
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    I got 160 miles on the dealer filled first tank to the the last blinking fuel bar. Riding 50/50 mostly with some singletrack and averaging around 30 mph. Bone stock with no luggage.