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    DoubleTake mirrors

    Anyone with DoubleTake mirrors? How did you install them? I tried but couldnt get them to screw on. Did you use the built in base, or one of the included extensions. I had one with three horizontal slashes that fit both left and right but I only had one of those. Do I need to buy another?
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    Short ride in the sand.

    I just got back from a 5 mile ride on some sand roads in the Sandhills region of SC. It was easy sailing on the hard sand but fishy on the looser stuff. I assume either a Shinko 241 or 244 will help. I think the 13T front sprocket will help too. I am inexperienced noob on sand and off road.
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    My first ride

    I picked the bike up in the rain yesterday from Sport Durst in Durham, NC. I paid more than I probably should have, $4915 OTD with tax, tags and fees. But I have been following the bike since it was announced and finally decided to bite the bullet. It was very easy to load, unload, and...