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    Does this look normal - front wheel off center

    Changed my tires a few weeks ago and didn’t notice that the front wheel was off center before. Can someone confirm this is normal?
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    For Sale Trail125 Diablo Headlight Protector

    Bought from Beez deals. Installed but removed, so it needs new adhesive (double sided tape). $40 shipped to USA. More info here: Diablo Headlight Guard Honda CT125 Trail 125 – BEEZ DEALS
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    Sold Trail125 Clamp-on Rear Foot Rests / Pegs

    These are still available
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    Sold Trail125 Clamp-on Rear Foot Rests / Pegs

    sold elsewhere
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    Kenda K262 Installed

    Stock fender height. Bought at Dennis Kirk online.
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    Seat Pad Solutions / Recommendations

    Consider getting the rack extension to create more seat room. Screws into the back threaded holes. Front holes still accessible with the small seat. Poor picture but hope it helps.
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    Kenda K262 Installed

    Happy with them so far just tooling around the ranch. Stock tires would lose grip in grass and sand easily. These are the 2.75” and fit great.