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  1. J


    After work tomorrow I'm looking forward to a 340 mile trip to spend the weekend with my dad for Father's Day. I'm going to make the trip without stopping at a gas station.
  2. J

    Any one have a OEM rear tire they want to sell?

    I bought these on ebay for 115 for both. Then I used hd tubes.
  3. J

    Sprocket center 👍

    I went there too. I bought 2 chromoly sprockets and an xring chain.
  4. J

    How many watts available from alternator?

    I run a hotwired heated vest with no trouble. I'm adding a 12v plug for a phone charger. Idk if I'd go more than that though.
  5. J

    Interesting read on oil

    First 600 miles on mine was hondaline. Then I switched to amsoil and a magnetic plug. I figure at .7 quarts an oil change I'd just run the most expensive synthetic cuz I'm a believer in synthetic. My 2 Harleys get whatever full synthetic mc oil is the cheapest. No problems with lots of miles.
  6. J

    Potential silly question but…

    I have 3 rotopax. I have 1 1.5 gal and 2 1.75 gal. Then I have my bagger 1 gal tank that fits between my legs on that luggage rack. I'll run the tank dry and eat on the side of the road ensuring that I don't have to stop at a gas station for 500 miles ensures a speedy travel on a slow bike.
  7. J

    Traditional Fuel Sub Tank

    I have one. It broke the mounting tab on the rack. Now I bought a different design and a new rack.
  8. J

    Anyone getting any HATE when on this bike?

    I tour on mine. I also comute about 40 miles each way to work and back on it. I tell people that I have 2 Harleys at home but anybody can tour on a bagger. They tend to shut up at that point. Lol
  9. J

    45 MPH roads

    I took mine on a 350 mile trip to Hayward WI from East Troy WI. I hit avoid highways and tolls on Google maps. It took me about 7.5 to 8 hrs to get there and cost about $25 in gas each way at the highest prices. Next year I might do the same thing to North Carolina to visit family. I also...
  10. J

    Crankcase breather

  11. J

    Crankcase breather

    Can someone show where the Crankcase breather is? Thankyou.
  12. J

    350 m

    First 350 mile trip from SE WI to NW WI. An older gentleman asked me if it was a ct90. I said no it's the ct125. It's the big one.🤣
  13. J

    Just picked up my trail today.

    Thankyou all. Just did the 600m oil change at 588m. I added a gold plug and switched to amsoil. I also have a tool box relocation kit and a ct90 fuel can.
  14. J

    Just picked up my trail today.

    I got a ride to the dealership about 50 miles away and it was $5266 out of the door. I then rode it home and I thought it was very fun to ride. I'm a 250 lb guy and It had no trouble taking on the back roads. With the wind pushing me I even saw 62 mph once.
  15. J

    Speedometer not working

    I can tell you that on my 05 Electra Glide I installed an ultima 6 speed. The speed sensor was no longer picking up on the the gear in the trany and I had to buy a different sensor and a speedo recalibration unit. In the mean time it wasn't running correctly and every time I pulled the clutch...
  16. J

    Motorcycle Helmet

    I wear this one on my chopper. I'll wear it on the ct125 when I get it too.
  17. J

    Who's got one on order? And more importantly, what news have you heard?

    The dealer I'm going through said he was an old school dealer and can beat everyone else around for price. He took my name and number. He then said, " I have 3 of them arriving mid june and your number 3 so they're all accounted for." It was that simple. We'll see. If he doesn't deliver...
  18. J

    Auxiliary fuel tank query

    I bit the bullet and bought the origional round tank for a ct90. I almost cried when I hit ok on PayPal but I guess I wanted it bad enough. There is this one too.
  19. J

    Gun rack?

    I'd like to see you ratchet strap a trophy buck to your rack and ride it out of the woods.
  20. J

    Hi all!

    Greetings from East Troy Wisconsin. Been around motorcycles most of my life. I was a honda guy for years. I currently have two harleys that I've ridden acrossed the country. When I saw the ct125 I thought I had to own one and register it with the dnr so I can run the atv trails too. I went...