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May 15, 2023
Well, another epic ride on the CT’s with my brother but this time a BDR route. At this point I can spew one superlative after another about the BDR coordinators and the unbelievably tedious mapping and series of trail connections they have created and we did only the first two sections! Kudos to this group of folks who have collectively brought a fairly new category of travel specifically for motorcycles. The conditions were great and some real technical spots to negotiate but we have learned that if you can keep a CT upright it will go over or through most anything a trail has to offer up and often quietly ( low revs). These little machines are the “Farmall’s Ms” of trail bikes. The Catskills was home to, of course Yasgar’s farm ( Woodstock) and the residence of Bob Dylan, Joanne Mitchell and so on and still retains that hippi-ish kinda culture in the smaller artsy towns. Lots of history and of course every mile pretty as a post card. Again, need to plug the BDR folks for an incredible work on maps and downloadable GPX tracks. We are heading back next summer for at least 9-10 day journey to complete entire 7 sections.
BTW the car below belonged to a couple of traveling young artists from AZ. A Mazda six beneath a kit car attached with drywall screws or something like that.


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