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What loading ramp is recommended for the Trail 125?


New member
Apr 21, 2021
I have a FORD Econoline 250 van.
Whats the most recommended loading ramp?



Active member
Jul 4, 2021
With the weight of this bike (~259 lbs), almost anything geared toward a motorcycle or ATV should work. Be sure to factor in your own weight if you're going to walk it up. I have a "Trackside" folding aluminum single ramp that was cheap on Craigslist. Be sure to ratchet strap the ramp(s) in place so they don't slide out from under the bike while loading. For solo loading I pull up to a hill or park the truck in a ditch so the ramp has very little slope to it, gives you more control and it's less stressful loading it that way. Not applicable to your van situation, but I also drop the tailgate off its chains so the ramp goes straight to the truck bed. I get a good reminder of that most years in Sturgis, SD watching someone load their Harley into a pickup bed and the tailgate gives out under the weight of it.