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Recent content by bigcanoe

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    First Flat Today (totally unprepared)

    I bought AAA for my RV and it includes motorcycle. I think it would be funny to see them show up to my CT125 with a flat tire.
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    Sold My 2021 Honda CT125

    I am glad turned out this way!
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    #1579 is in CA

    It carries well on my hitch carrier on my 4Runner and my F150
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    Battery in winter - trickle charger/battery tender/battery maintainer?

    Do you guys have a recommendation for a system for 3 bikes?
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    My first ride

    Another 30 miles on Sunday. What lovely weather for a low speed ride! Close to 70 miles on this tank and half gone according to the bars. I added a sheepskin, really nice and comfortable. Its nice being able to shift around. I am adding a backrest to the front of my milkcrate next.
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    Picked up this slightly used 2021 yesterday with 35 miles on it.

    Oh ya both of those mods made a world of difference for me. I just bought a sheep skin for the seat but havent had time to try it yet.
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    Picked up this slightly used 2021 yesterday with 35 miles on it.

    Nice find! I have flipped the handle bar mount and rotated the bars a little forward. This may help comfort depending on your height, reach. I also rotated the kick starter back one notch to give more room.
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    My first ride

    Had my second ride...35 miles all on pavement. Mostly 45 and 35 roads with no traffic. It was a pleasure! I had some speed anxiety but it was able to haul my significant mass around pretty well at 45. My butt was ready for a break after an hour so I ordered a sheepskin to help that. I...
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    DoubleTake mirrors

    Anyone with DoubleTake mirrors? How did you install them? I tried but couldnt get them to screw on. Did you use the built in base, or one of the included extensions. I had one with three horizontal slashes that fit both left and right but I only had one of those. Do I need to buy another?
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    I am anxious to see how you like the 45T. Please post the one you bought if you get a chance. Let me know if you get an ABS flashing too please. Do you need a new chain with that combo?
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    New to

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    Short ride in the sand.

    I think its a combination of my weight and the sand. I am going to wait a bit before I change the tires or the sprocket though.
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    Who's got one on order? And more importantly, what news have you heard?

    A slightly used one listed in AdvRider in TN
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    Short ride in the sand.

    2ft deep yikes! This was on a traveled road, maybe 3-4 inches drifted. I’m thinking knobbier tire and lower the air pressure.