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Hi, This is Andrew sending you the private message. I'm the one that asked where you are in SoCal. I'm in Modesto. I was headed towards Death Valley Friday, but I can come to your area on Thursday. Are you available at all on Thursday? My email is and my cell phone is 209-534-2199.
Hi Dan,
how is the big bore and motor mods coming along? Just curious.
Welcome to the group. What part of the world do you live? Are you a present or a future Trail owner?
Hi Fun4me, thanks for your welcome. I live in the UK. The Honda Trail is on on order, about one month@s waiting time. Honda UK in their wisdom don't import this model so it is coming from Taiwan.
Looking forward to hearing what other members have done and are planning for their bikes. Regards etc DSG
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I'm sure you will thoroughly enjoy the Trail when you get it. While you wait, this forum can provide lots of information and ideas about your new ride.
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