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What Rigid model for lighting did you go with?

I found mine on eBay for about $120. Shop around.
Hey, hope this last lead your following works out for you. No luck with anymore showing up in Lawton. I'm basically an old fart down here in Elgin who once long ago in another life (teenage one) had a Honda 75 and got the hankering to get one of these new Honda's got too much so picked one up.
Cheers, Brad
Silly messenging service only allows 420 characters %^(. Anyways, once I get thru getting a license I plan on hittling back roads on long day trips around OK. Figure you can drive anywhere in OK on these little county roads. If you ever want to do a mini meet, give me a holler!
Cheers again, Brad
Opfor656 huh.... Saw this today. So it has been two days since posted.
Welcome - We're only 28 miles from you and we cruise down to Diflipios Pizza all the time - we'll try to look you up!


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I live in Carroll County Virginia, about 1/4 mile from the Blue Ridge Parkway.
The CT125 is the perfect bike for the Parkway, the speed limit is 45mph.
45mph seems to be the sweet spot for this bike. I get around 110 mpg.
I have had my CT125 since 7/14/2022 and it was $4698.77 out the door.
Are there any other CT125 owners in my area?