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OK you now have your first message. What a hoot. Read the owners manual at work today, most "work" I've done there in quiet a while..... I am totally confused by this toe/heel shifting chit. Your going to have to "show" me in order for me to understand it. Al is out of town on trip with wife so no response regarding the cargo hauler.
Couldn't figure how to carry that sign off is the look I see on your face. TSK TSK ! SLO sez NO!
Store in Konnarock Va. with 93 octane no ethanol gasoline. Food damn good,worth the drive,you will be nearby anyway ,if you know about the ride. About 30 miles thru the twisty's one way, thru the highest part of the Virginia Highlands from my house. Loving the RIDE! Glad I found this place!
Hi Phil welcome from just down the road...
Hello mate! Good to know there's a fellow addict nearby :LOL:(y)