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Allen millyard


May 17, 2022
Just found this guy's videos of engineering and fabricating bicycles and motorcycles. He is a 1 of a kind, the flying Millyard build is just amazing to watch. Check him out, nothing is an obstacle for this guy.


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Aug 6, 2021
Not a name I hear often and something I expect to see in The Lounge area of this forum more often lol. His V10 Viper video was recommended to me by Youtube pretty hard.

His MTB video was also pretty interesting to me, since I did a custom build of my own, and this is where I sort of feel a bit weird about his approach. MTB is pretty flexible with their allowances - they're allowed to run a lot more prototypish gear than road riding is. If it hadn't been a competition bike, I would have gone with a lefty fork from Cannondale at the time, which would have allowed him to have two single sided setups and a really unique look to the bike, and kept everything else. Lefty forks aren't around anymore though and had a reputation for needing a LOT of servicing, so in a future sight way maybe it was good he didn't go down this approach. Still, it would have looked cool AF. My gearbox is a Rohloff IGH, so I get most of the benefits and downsides he mentions for his MR002. It is really nice having a flawless drive setup that just rolls and rolls and just needs oil.

m in sc

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Feb 2, 2021
Rockhill, SC
Being as heavily involved in the kawi triples groups for 20+ years as i have been, I've seen quite a few of his bikes in person, up close, out of museums. The work on them is amazing. heres the 'clive 5' . was ridden around the whole week @ deals gap at our annual rally that year.


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