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Gday from Australia.🇦🇺👍


New member
Sep 16, 2023
Port Arthur Tasmania, AUSTRALIA
G’Day everyone from Ken, near Port Arthur Tasmania, Australia.

Ive just bought a low km 2021-22 CT125 in the desert tan colour, and it should arrive from the mainland towards the end of next week, I can’t wai!

Ive rode motorcycles all my life from owning 1922 Indian Powerplus and chair, 47 Chief, HD Tour Glide, other HDs, BMW K1200S and GTs, to a 3 wheeler Spyder and 2016 Gold Wing, the CT 125 willbethesmallest bike I’ve ever owned, but the time is right and I’m seriously excited to have purchased the CT125.

I’ve a large amount of mods and aftermarket gear in the mail ranging from full new Suspention, sprockets, bar work, windshield, new tan seat, alloy swing arm, new Speedo instrument etc etc.

‘’Bring it on and I really look forward to learning hear and being a member, pics to follow as I install, and learn more about these bikes.

‘Best wishes everyone.



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