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    Street use tire questions

    I see 244 and 241 mentioned as the same above…
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    Undo the bolts and bungee the bars however they hang
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    Back Rest

    How about another 1/2 or full size rear seat and just put it on its side??
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    Sawzall my brand new bike's luggage rack.

    They have a bar, just in a way worse place...
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    Here Is a 50 Mile Trip With Various Terrains

    Where were ya?
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    New Revzilla CT90 vs CT125 Alaska ride video

    So, I just watched it and a great show. I like it for a few reasons, the pic below is my 1975 w 3100 original miles and my 125. They ran what they had, didn’t sweat magnetic drain plugs or shift supports…. Filled the old one w rotella and carried a bottle. In pretty much all cases these bikes...
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    Oil spinner cleanout

    This thing will run for 50 years with oil changes every 5!
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    Can you over maintain the bike???

    I too am excited about being lucky enough to have the 125. These are mass produced engines, not performance machines, I have rescued a dozen or so "non running" CT-90's and they are pretty much bulletproof. Change the oil, one needed clutch plates, good battery and electrical, points and...
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    Did anyone else buy a Super Cub as a hold over until the Trail 125 is available ?

    Any idea how much it is in US dollars?
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    I don't believe they are rated for the weight like the Panamerica was
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    143 Takegawa cyl install.

    I too like to tinker but think reliability is the purpose of this bike for our family. Knowing what you know would you do it again? Or just part of it?
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    Tips and Tricks for closing right side of crankcase?

    Why did you open it??
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    How do you plan to use your CT?

    Just the bike is 260…. HF hitch must be 50
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    Moto Cover?

    Mine sits out in the snow and rain, right next to the 1975! Doesn‘t seem the mirrors would like a cover, let us know