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I installed a usb charger...only took me two weeks


New member
Feb 2, 2022
I read on here about the ease of install on a usb charger. I bought one and decided to tie in directly to the battery which meant I had to remove a few pieces of plastic to fish the wires through the center of the frame...no problem ! I was buttoning up the job and was down to the two screws in the battery box when disaster struck ! I dropped a screw in to the oblivion of the middle of the frame area and could not find it...I then learned how to disassemble the entire plastics set which only took about a week (with frustration time included) and another week to put it back together slowly and carefully...on a good note my daughter accidentally figured out that the allen wrench screws perfectly pop and remove the pushpins (that seem to be everywhere). I'll be back next time I try something else...


Well-known member
Aug 6, 2021
I know that this is Type 2 fun (funny in retrospect, not so funny in the moment), but honestly, Honda has made it more difficult than expected to remove the plastic pieces without snapping the tabs. If not for the numerous videos accessing the battery cover, etc. I probably would snap it off myself without the service manual and a look at the OEM parts. Thanks for sharing the tip about the Allen heads, I'll have to remember that for when I...

... Install my own USB charger and the battery tender kit that connects directly to the battery...