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New CT guy


Apr 12, 2023
Thanks for letting me join the group, longtime owner of CT's but my bikes have been in hibernation for a few years. Decided to get them back out and start riding now that we are retired, after several weeks of refreshing, we are back on the road. Decided to buy my wife a new CT125, I think she will enjoy it, I will be picking it up tomorrow, feel like I got a good deal, it was $4550 OTD for a 2022 model, hope I don't regret not waiting for the 2023 model. I'm going to retire my K3, she's been a good one.photo (72).JPGcttrail.JPGhondas.JPGcruisin.JPG


Well-known member
Apr 18, 2023
California, USA
My son just picked this one up for $4500, 216 miles, has all the goodies already, tires, fork stiffeners, bark busters, rear shocks, usb port, new seat, all the racks, I told him he got a good deal.:)
Those deals don't exist in California. If I could find one for that price, I wouldn't be on a waitlist for a 2023.