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For Sale Smoked Windscreen (SNB Products)


Apr 8, 2022
I bought this windscreen off of eBay (by SNB Products) and after installing it, decided it's not the look I'm going for on my 125, so I took it off and never rode with it.
It's essentially new, though there were a couple very minor "It came from Thailand by boat" scratches on it even before I installed it. Not noticeable once installed.

I haven't seen this particular windscreen on Beez, WeBike, or the like, but a few other forum members have the same one. If you're looking for some photos, you can see the windscreen here:

Another member with this windscreen
One for sale on eBay - $80-$120

Selling it for $55 shipped.

Installed for 20 minutes ^^

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Feb 24, 2021
I bought the same in smoke. Looks great and very easy to install but if you're in a cold climate, buy the Puig at very least or LARGER. Great for hipsters but very little protection. I bought the Puig from Revzilla but it looked like it was used and I was so mad I returned it and bought the small windscreen.