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They're arriving in the USA


Mar 10, 2021
It arrived at the dealer yesterday and it is home now. I think I will call it "Warden's Worry". I have cramps in my left hand from trying to use the clutch!!!


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Aug 5, 2021
I got mine in Winter Haven FL on 12/6/20....shipped in the day before and I scooted in and bought it. I was lucky I guess...
I’m picking mine up from Winter Haven next month. Called a dozen dealers. They just received it the day before, and no one had a deposit on her! Picking her up on my drive from my Los Angeles to NJ...; I know, it’s a bit of a detour, but that’s how life takes you sometimes! Ride safe!


Sep 23, 2021
I picked mine up from Timbrook Honda in Cumberland, MD on Thursday, waited less than 2 months after putting down a deposit. They are an awesome shop. I was basically 'next in line'. Their sister store in VA told me they had a 13 person waiting list. I just started calling around asking how many was on each stores waiting list until I found one that said, you'd be next!