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  1. Carolina Vagabond

    Gear Change Pedal Recall on some units (slowly rolling out to different countries?)

    I still haven’t gotten a letter yet but I’m not to concerned about it right now. My left leg broke before the shifter did😁.
  2. Carolina Vagabond

    Greetings from Germany

    Welcome Hans. It’s worth a shot at trying to import one. I’d contact Seven Seas in the UK and see if they have a German contact that may help. I lived in Furth/Nurnberg for 3 years back in the ‘80’s. I had a blast.
  3. Carolina Vagabond

    Recommendations for fuel additive/stabilizer for 4- 6-month storage and battery tender recommendations?

    Another option on gas is aviation fuel (AV) if you have access to it or, if you have a Sunoco station in Hawaii, see if they can get you a can of leaded 110 octane. They sell it but it’s pricey. The most economical option is what m in sc stated.
  4. Carolina Vagabond

    I’m so on the fence….

    I truly understand your concerns about “speed and power” and think the Trail 125 may not be the bike that you are looking for. It’s a nimble bike with adequate speed for enjoying those quiet Sunday mornings on dirt roads and country byways that many of us reminisce about riding 40 years ago. It...
  5. Carolina Vagabond

    Look what I found .....

    Hauled these home today. A literal barn find. They had been sitting untouched since 1985. The red frame is a ‘71 CB 100.
  6. Carolina Vagabond

    Roxanne took me out on a date

    I try to avoid the main National Forest area because it’s so popular now. Back in the late 70’s and early 80’s you could ride all day there and rarely meet anyone. I do mostly country paved/dirt roads when I can but I never really know where I’ll end up. I need to plan a few routes through rural...
  7. Carolina Vagabond

    For Sale Here’s one in NC for sale...

    $4800 (No, it’s not mine😁)
  8. Carolina Vagabond

    Roxanne took me out on a date

    Liberty 6 Ply
  9. Carolina Vagabond

    Roxanne took me out on a date

    What a beautiful day in the Uwharrie region in NC! After helping out some friends this morning I was gonna take my 125 (Eileen) for a spin but Roxanne looked a little jealous. She sallied on faithfully.
  10. Carolina Vagabond

    How do you plan to use your CT?

    I also think you will enjoy it! It is a great do-all bike (except I would avoid major highways if possible) Mine is just for cruising dirt backroads, paved secondary roads. The more I ride mine, the more I like it. I have done NONE of the normal mods yet (except I did install a magnetic oil...
  11. Carolina Vagabond

    I wonder why....

    Why did Honda make the cargo rack backwards as compared to all other CT’s? The raised portion should be at the back instead of under your tailbone. Can’t really turn it around and keep it secure because you would lose 2 mounting points at the top of the rear shocks. I’m gonna ponder...
  12. Carolina Vagabond

    Plastic engine sidecover replacement’s?

    For some reason, that plastic cover bothers the crap outta me. Does anyone know of a descent metal replacement?
  13. Carolina Vagabond

    What name did you give your ride?

    I’ve named mine Eileen. She does wear a pretty red dress.....
  14. Carolina Vagabond

    Look what I found .....

    Picked up this ‘72 Mars Orange CT90 earlier this week. 749 original miles. Got a great deal in it. She was made in Dec. 1971. After a few minor adjustments she’s running like a sewing machine.