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How many watts available from alternator?


New member
Dec 6, 2022
Heated gear. I put a volt meter on mine. Conected in the headlight bucket like that video shows but mounted to a GTR handle bar brace ( I did not dremel out the factory mounting hole). Added a cable for my heated gear (that battery is a pain in the arse to get at). Warm and Safe gear, got it all, socks, pant liners, jacket liner, glove liners. Ran it all on my Vstrom (sold that) run it all on my 06 Shadow. Tried the jacket liner and glove liners the other day on the CT ( I ride year round here in PA as long as I feel the roads are safe) I read these posts about how many spare watts, consenus is 60. The gloves are 11 watts each, 22 watts, no problem, volts 13.2-13.4 at speed, high 12s at idle. Ran the jacket (65watts) and the gloves (22 watts) wide open (have a Dual Heatroller), man I'm pushing it, 87watts, burn it up, over heat the stator. She stayed at 13.2-13.4 watts at speed, dropped to high 12s at slow speed, turn off the jacket before stopping and idling. Didn't do it for long, full load, had to try. After that load I shut off all the gear, at speed, and the volts where all over the place, 12, 13, 11.5, 13. It was confused, what you doing to me? Turned just the gloves back on, she went back to steady 13.2-13.4 again. Gloves off, stayed steady, she calmed down, alls good.

So, I know it can handle the 22 watts the gloves pull at full on wattage, for how long? I'll find out I guess. Will I run the jacket again? Maybe at half wattage? (those Heatrollers are assume with the adjustment) I dont know if I will or not, probably not, maybe I will. For sure the gloves, warm hands I gotta have. Maybe just socks and gloves, socks are 9 watts each, I need to try that....warm feet and hands, what more do you need? I dont use GPS or anything else while riding, I dont know the wattage of any of that stuff, but I would venture to say you can safely add 22 watts to a CT, with watts to spare, for that short half burst of jacket liner heat.

PS: I could be burning stuff up for all I know, dont take any of my advice, just passing on "what I did". My next post on this subject will be "what I shouldnt have done"